Andrew Katerakis DDS

Do you perform root canals?

Dr. Andrew Katerakis has been performing root canal treatment for his patients since 2012. He is very comfortable with the procedure and works efficiently to minimize your time in the dental chair.

What's the Purpose of a Root Canal?

A tooth is composed of a protective outer layer of enamel, a softer layer beneath called dentin, and the pulp chamber at the tooth's center. The pulp chamber houses nerves, blood vessels, and tissues that keep the tooth healthy and alive. 

If bacteria reach the pulp area through a crack, deep decay, or dental trauma, they cause an infection or abscess. An infection can be extremely painful, and the only way to relieve your discomfort and save the tooth is with root canal treatment. The only other option is to remove the tooth, which is always a last resort.

What Happens during Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment at our Troy, OH, dental office is performed under local anesthesia so that you won't feel any pain. Dr. Katerakis carefully removes every trace of the infected or inflamed tissue, then fills and seals the tooth with a temporary filling to protect it.

We let the tooth heal for about two weeks and then have you return to our dental office so Dr. Katerakis can protect the tooth with a crown or final filling.

Do You Need Root Canal Treatment?

If you have a severe toothache or other symptoms like inflamed or swollen gums or jaw pain or swelling, we recommend calling us at (937) 335-7754 and scheduling an emergency appointment.

We will see you the same day to provide pain relief and stabilize your situation until we can schedule treatment for our next available appointment.

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