Dental Implants

When you have missing teeth, you have to make many adjustments in your life. You can't eat all your favorite foods because it hurts, and depending on its location, a missing tooth can even affect your speech. And you may also feel self-conscious when you smile because you worry that all anyone will notice is the obvious gap.

Dental Implants Can Save Your Smile

All these affect your quality of life, and we haven't even mentioned the oral health consequences of missing teeth. Fortunately, modern dentistry offers several tooth replacements, so you are not stuck with that gap in your smile forever. 

Our Troy, OH dental office offers implants, bridges, and dentures as excellent tooth replacement options. 

Implants Replace an Entire Missing Tooth

Dental implants are different than bridges and dentures because they replace an entire missing tooth, including the root and crown. Why is this important? Because a root does more than hold a tooth in place; as you chew, the root stimulates the bone in the jaw to regenerate and keep it strong and healthy.

How Bone Loss Affects Your Smile

Without an implant, the bone starts to shrink, and in the first year alone, about 25 percent of bone is lost. As bone loss continues year after year, your chances for successful implant placement without bone grafting become more limited.

However, replacing the lost root with a dental implant allows the bone to regenerate as if the real root was still in place. A surgeon places the titanium implant in the jawbone, and as the bone heals, it fuses with the implant. This process is called osseointegration and is what sets implants apart from all other tooth replacements.

The Process for Getting a Dental Implant

Dr. Katerakis works with top local surgeons in our area who are experts at placing dental implants. Placing dental implants typically takes a little more than an hour per tooth, and the procedure is not painful because it is performed using local anesthetics.

If you're concerned about the comfort of implant placement, many patients who have had a tooth extraction and implant surgery say that the extraction was far more invasive.

The next step involves waiting three months for the implant to heal and integrate fully with the bone. When the surgeon confirms that healing is complete, Dr. Katerakis will then create a custom, natural-looking dental crown that is screwed into the implant to complete the smile.

A Stable Foundation for Replacement Teeth

We can use dental implants to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth with an implant bridge or denture. Instead of a mouthful of dental implants, an implant denture attaches to a few strategically-placed implants to restore appearance and chewing function.

Do You Qualify for a Dental Implant?

To be a good candidate, you must have enough healthy, dense jawbone in the area to support the implant post. Many patients qualify, but if you don't currently, Dr. Katerakis would be happy to explain how bone grafting might make implant placement a possibility in the future. 

Schedule a Dental Implant Appointment in Troy, OH

There's a lot to know about dental implants, including how they work, the steps involved, whether you're a candidate, and the cost involved. Our dental team would love to fill in all the details for you, and we invite you to schedule an appointment to get started.